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More Tefillin Barbies

Presenting the latest iteration of Tefillin Barbie. I’d keep making them like the original ones, but the ones with the long denim skirts are more or less impossible to find for a reasonable price now. I think this one’s quite cute; it’s the sort of outfit bat mitzvah girls wear. She’s available here. Now with […]

sale! sale!

Thing about being an artist: you make stuff, and you make more stuff, and sometimes you don’t have space for some of the stuff any more. On sale: Alef-bets; papercuts; Tefillin Barbie. Struck-out items=claimed already Bibbly-bobbly alef-bets Torah ink, parchment-look paper, alef-bet going forwards and backwards with pleasingly organic curves. 4*6 inches each, framed. The […]

Sylvanian Families

Following a visit home, during which old toyboxes were opened and photographs taken, here’s a window into my childhood. I spent uncountable hours making this kind of stuff–not only accessories, but a whole village of wonderful houses, none of which have survived the years. When you’ve seen all this, you should realise that the question […]

Computer Engineer Tefillin Barbie

The original Tefillin Barbie was a 2006 model with a long denim skirt.* She’s getting increasingly difficult to find, but people are still buying Tefillin Barbies. So I’ve bought a dozen Computer Engineer Barbies to play with instead. Computer Engineer Barbie wears leggings, which is a bit of a change from the frummie skirt. Still, […]

Crikey. We’re on Regretsy.

Tefillin Barbie is on Regretsy, people. Given that Regretsy exists to mock the living daylights out of dreadful things on Etsy…lucky old us. The comments are particularly fine, I must say. It’s good to be reminded of how the world thinks from time to time. For the record, I sell scalpels and blades because I […]

La vie soferet

The soferet is taking a couple of days to make an enormous batch of Tefillin Barbies, with some American Girl size tefillin thrown in, just in case anyone’s interested. They’ll be on sale shortly at the soferet’s Etsy store, should you be interested. Not just yet though, I still have to go buy ribbon for […]

Guestblogging at JWA – crosspost

“You know Barbie’s getting a new job,” says my friend Mimi to me. “People can vote for her new career.” I put tefillin on a Mattel Barbie doll in 2006, unwittingly creating the Jewish icon now known as Tefillin Barbie. Tefillin Barbie has a frum-girl denim skirt, a T-shirt, the tallit and tefillin more generally […]