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This will be no surprise to anyone ever, but Montreal in winter is COLD. I went outside after a shower the other day, and my hair FROZE. With actual ice in it. Unrelatedly, here is a picture of a mezuzah I wrote today: Available here.

Well, looks like I’m writing a mezuzah tonight

I thought that crash was just Them Upstairs dropping something. Turns out it was the mezuzah falling off my bedroom door. I’d taken it off for a Hebrew school on Sunday, and apparently not stuck it back on hard enough. I found the mezuzah case some hours later, in the middle of the hall. That’s […]

Notes on checking mezuzot

I was going to give a class on checking your own mezuzah, but it got prevented by weather. Today I found the notes I’d made for it, so I’m typing them up. But I’m not putting in the pictures here because that’ll take hours of scanning and photographing; if you want those you’ll have to […]