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Term paper time :)

Some people expressed an interest in reading this paper. Here it is: The Variegated Career of Exodus 13:16, being a summary of the antics real and perceived of a biblical verse from antiquity until the rabbinic period Bear in mind that it’s a term paper, not a polished publication or anything, ok? But some of […]

Rabad of Posquieres – Isidore Twersky – notes

6 sections: Life; Works; Works II: Criticism of the Mishneh Torah; Sources; Disciples and Followers; Relation to Philosophy and Kabbalah Life: Twelfth-century Provence becomes a relatively exciting Jewish scholarly scene – context of a) Christian intellectual activity b) influence from Spanish Jewry. Most of what we know about his Life comes from clues in his […]

Jews of Aragon – Assis notes

I’ve been reading Yom Tov Assis’ books about the Jews of Aragon (for Gabriel’s orals: The Golden Age of Aragonese Jewry and Jewish Economy in the Medieval Crown of Aragon). On the one hand, he describes the period 1210-1327 as a Golden Age for the Jews. On the other hand, he presents it as a […]