Monthly Archives: August 2012

Not much Torah writing this week

But lots of Torah repair. It’s Elul, the season of repentance. It’s perhaps no coincidence that at this time of year, many communities want to get their Torah scrolls in good working order. This involves checking through each and every letter of the scroll, making sure that it’s kosher, and if we can, making it […]

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh

It’s Shabbat Rosh Chodesh, so there’s an extra Torah reading this week. I bet most of you reading this have two Torah scrolls in your shul. There’s the one you read from every week, and there’s the Rosh Chodesh Torah. It gets used on Rosh Chodesh and festivals for the seasonal readings, and never gets […]

From the Torah repair mines

This is interesting. Gives you an insight into how the scribe was forming his letters. From the same sefer. Internet cookies to people who can figure out what happened here:


It’s been very busy here chez soferet. For the summer, I’ve taken on two apprentices who want to learn Torah repair. This means that in addition to keeping up with CBH’s Torah, I’ve been finding Torahs to fix, and then steering the apprentices through fixing them. Here’s a photo of us working on location in […]

Work scene

I forget why I wanted her safely out of the way, but this worked nicely.