Monthly Archives: June 2012

Computer-aided proofreading, type 2

The other form of computer checking involves much more sophisticated software, and further reduces the chance of human error. In the process we’ve just been talking about, the letters were fed to me automatically, but I still had to use my brain to identify them and see that they were kosher. In this process, there’s […]

sale! sale!

Thing about being an artist: you make stuff, and you make more stuff, and sometimes you don’t have space for some of the stuff any more. On sale: Alef-bets; papercuts; Tefillin Barbie. Struck-out items=claimed already Bibbly-bobbly alef-bets Torah ink, parchment-look paper, alef-bet going forwards and backwards with pleasingly organic curves. 4*6 inches each, framed. The […]


Well, it’s my Queen’s diamond jubilee weekend, so I’m going to post about jubilees this week. This is Bet Haverim’s fifty-year anniversary, their proper jubilee. The concept of jubilee comes from the Torah, from Leviticus. So when we were discussing which section of the Torah Bet Haverim would be writing as a community, we naturally […]