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The days were the days of the ripening of the grapes.

You haven’t had time to forget the story of the spies yet. Moses sends twelve good men and true out of the wilderness to check out the Promised Land; they come back reporting that the land is full of scary giants; the people decide that they actually don’t want to invade right now thanks all […]

Fun with ketubot – sighting a ketubah in the wild

Scenes from the inbox

Here’s an interesting question: Dear Ms. Friedman, this is not specifically about religious scrolls, but as a scribe, could you tell me how many handwritten letters can usually fit on the parchment made from one cow, or on the parchment made from one goat, or on the parchment made from one sheep? Assuming the letter […]

What are you doing on Tuesday evenings this summer?

You could be taking my class at Yeshivat Hadar! Or one of the half-dozen other Tuesday night classes which will also be happening. Here’s what mine is going to look like: Apprentice with a Sofer Learn basic Torah repair and maintenance skills which will enable you to keep your community’s Torah scrolls in good working […]

Like snow at harvest-time

So how was your Shavuot? I spent it in Washington Heights, davening at Breuer’s. Breuer’s looks like this on Shavuot: Green velvet draperies, all hung about with boughs and flowers, with trees in tubs, and a chuppah-thing over the amud made from green branches. When it is a hundred degrees out and you walk into […]

יששכר – joint post with MarGavriel

I can’t remember which of you asked me about the word יששכר last week, but MarGavriel just sent me a translation of part of S. S. Boyarski’s work Ammudei Shesh and it had a tangent about יששכר in it, so here goes. The question was “What’s the deal with there being two letter shins in […]