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Disaster in the Torah repair mines

Tears in Torahs are scary, people. I know. You see a big tear, you want to STICK IT BACK TOGETHER REALLY HARD so it WON’T TEAR ANY MORE. Nobody could be calm about finding this in their Torah, for instance: But for the love of all things holy, don’t whip out the duck tape and […]

More from the Torah repair mines

Some repairs you don’t need a sofer for. You just need wood glue. Yes, folks – if your rollers are falling apart, get yourself some wood glue and jolly well stick them back together. Just don’t get the glue on the Torah, but you figured that out already. No scribal training required.

Another post from the Torah repair mines

Ever wonder what makes heavy Torahs so heavy? Size is part of it, of course. Before Good Electric Lighting and Universal Spectacles (in the eyecare sense, not in the entertainment sense), having bigger letters helped the reader. Line height these days is regularly 8mm, only two-thirds the size of the letters on older, bigger Torahs. […]

From the Torah Repair Mines

Places where ink has popped off and only the shadows are left. Clicky to see bigger. The shadows don’t count, by the by, so if your letters look like this, they are pasul and need fixing. These kinds of pesulim are funny. They really do just pop off. Pop! and they’re gone. Sometimes if it’s […]