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cheers for readers!

Wow, you people are the best. Following a post containing some uncertainty about the availability of wool tank tops and cotton tzitzit (the one for the stringent, the other for the allergic-to-wool), Rebecca links us to a wool tank top, which even has wider shoulder pieces rather than spaghetti straps, to please both the large-chested […]

Letter nun – visual halakha

This is one of my favourite letter-halakhot, from the rules of how to make straight nun: אות נו”ן פשוטה תואר צורתה כמו זיי”ן וג’ תגין על ראשה אך שהיא ארוכה כשיעור שתהא ראויה להעשות נו”ן כפופה אם תכפפנה Its form is like a zayin, with three tagin on its head, but it is long, such […]

Fun with ketubot – a pretty

“We like Rivka,” said my client, “but we’d like something more elaborate.” (Click to see bigger Rivka.) So this is what I did. (Click to see bigger Elaborate!Rivka.) Note particularly the SHINY PAINTS that sparkle in the light! I like this very much.

Making Your Own Girl-Shaped Tallit Katan

I couldn’t get to Limmud this year because of the snow closing all the airports. This is one of the sessions I would have given. Wearing tzitzit under your clothes isn’t just something men do, but commercially-available tallitot katanot are definitely man-shaped. Bring a strappy top and come learn how to make a tallit katan […]

Torahs and humidity

In my email: Hi Jen! I hope it’s okay if I ask you a quick question — the school I’m working at just paid a bunch to have our Torah repaired — lots of letter were flaking off. The sofer said this was due to humidity and…mentioned something about silicate powder, but we don’t know […]

Israeli Masorti responsum on sofrot

Been meaning to write about this since 2009…one of my colleagues in Israel asked the Masorti movement for their official position on lady scribes. Their response is here. It’s in Hebrew, so I’m posting a summary of the main points: * The Gemara and many major halakhic decisors say it’s a problem for women to […]

Crikey. We’re on Regretsy.

Tefillin Barbie is on Regretsy, people. Given that Regretsy exists to mock the living daylights out of dreadful things on Etsy…lucky old us. The comments are particularly fine, I must say. It’s good to be reminded of how the world thinks from time to time. For the record, I sell scalpels and blades because I […]

What dictates variation in tefillin prices?

In short – the amount of time it takes to produce them. Every bit of a pair of tefillin is made by hand, and the longer it takes to do, the more it costs. The biggest price factor of a set of tefillin is the parchments. They have a lot of writing on them, and […]