Back to School – safrut-learning

Now all the holidays are safely over (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, COLUMBUS DAY), it’s time to get down to the semester in earnest.

What about making this the year you get round to learning safrut? Especially if you’re in NYC and you want to learn it with me, because I’m thinking about taking a few years out of NYC starting next year, so carpe diem, etc.

There are a bunch of you out there who’ve been sort of thinking about it for a while. If a critical mass of people are interested, I’ll arrange halakah-learning, halakha-review, and practice-sessions.

By the end of the year, you could – if you give it your best effort – know enough to write your own mezuzot more or less independently, for instance. You would also have the basic skills to identify and repair pesulim in your community’s sifrei Torah, and the ability to determine whether that’s appropriate.

Logistics – I’m thinking Tuesdays p.m. from 5-8.30 or so; informal skills and chevruta from 5-7.30 and class-review of the week’s halakha 7.30-8.30. Unless no-one at all can do Tuesdays, in which case we’ll arrange Monday or Sunday by democratic process.

Cost – much as I would love to teach for nothing, there will be a cost. A semester’s fee paid in advance does wonders for keeping your motivation up, anyway. I think $250 for the seven weeks left of this semester, three and a half hours a week, but if that’s impossibly beyond you, say so when you email me and we’ll figure something out.

If you’re interested, email me this week or next, and we’ll start on the 26th Oct.

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