Monthly Archives: August 2010

Feathers, we use them to fly

I’ve mentioned, from time to time, my student Julie. Julie came to meet me one day in Manhattan a couple years ago, looking oh-so-very timid. I recognise the look; it’s the one I wear when I’m in the presence of a Great Brain, where I cannot quite believe my own temerity in bothering the August […]

La vie soferet – fun and games at the NYPL

The New York Public Library is having an exhibition this winter, about Three Faiths And Manuscripts, or some such. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and their various adventures with calligraphy. I’d link you to the relevant Library page, but the exhibition is not on the website yet, not even under “Upcoming.” Anyway, part of the exhibition […]

La vie soferet – moving house; Thursday

Downstairs neighbour has spent the afternoon in the garden in a deckchair. I come in through the garden carrying a sefer Torah. You see I left the sifrei Torah in the old apartment. First and foremost because I didn’t want to put the sifrei Torah in the moving truck, in boxes as if they were […]

La vie soferet – proofreading with accomplices

Well, that was fun. An afternoon at Hadar working with one of my accomplices apprentices on Elementary Proofreading. No, I don’t really have apprentices. Just the occasional afternoon teaching here and there; the sort of thing that I would do more of if I had apprentices. Anyway, we were doing some sheets of a sefer […]