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More literature from MarGavriel

We have just emerged from the doom and gloom of the Ninth of Av. In the various Ashkenazic Rites, as well as in the Italian and the old Byzantine (“Romanioti”) rites, the largest and most central piece of the morning service of this day is the Qinoth (poems of lamentation) by the great poet Eleazar […]

Eicha reading in Washington Heights

I’m having a home reading of Eicha – from a klaf – *because* of reading from a klaf, yay – in Washington Heights, on leyl 9 Av, 9pm. If a minyan of people are interested, there could also be maariv, kinot, etc. Normally I would append “and watermelon, cookies and so forth” to such sentiments, […]

הגויה של תשעה באב

MarGavriel points us to a little Agnon story. A story appropriate for the season: סיפר לי ר’ אהרן פריימן ז”ל משמו של ר’ אליהו פלנסר ז”ל. ר’ איציק אייכל וחבריו מצאו להם נכרית אחת שבישלה להם לתשעה באב. שבאותו הדור קשה היה ליהודי בברלין למצוא תבשיל בתשעה באב. היו קוראים לאותה נוכרית הגויה של תשעה […]

Hachnasat sefer Torah

I finished writing the sefer Torah for Dorshei Emet. You might have worked this out, from the lack of Torah-writing posts of late, but I didn’t actually get round to making a post about it yet. I tweeted the final stages of putting the sefer together on May 11 and 12, and it was delivered […]