Monthly Archives: May 2010

Ketubah drafting part 2 – on ketubah texts

Ketubah texts come in three varieties. The most common variety up until just a few years ago was a tenth-generation photocopy from the Rabbi’s Manual, the text so blurry you could barely distinguish the letters, and GIANT DOTTED LINES whose giant dots rendered semi-invisible the names, scribbled in pencil by a rushed rabbi. It didn’t […]

Ketubah drafting part 1 – on 4mm-high letters

Or more, or less. I don’t really even know why I’m writing about this, except that I spent a little while working it out, and it seems a pity to deprive the internets of my vast wisdom (<= HUMOUR). So. There’s a category of fountain pen nib called “Broad.” I don’t know what that corresponds […]


You know when you have a nice soft pencil and a nice fat sketchpad and your fingers just sort of run away with you? Like that.

La vie soferet

The soferet is taking a couple of days to make an enormous batch of Tefillin Barbies, with some American Girl size tefillin thrown in, just in case anyone’s interested. They’ll be on sale shortly at the soferet’s Etsy store, should you be interested. Not just yet though, I still have to go buy ribbon for […]

you could help save my friend’s life

I’ve got a friend at shul. He’s a lovely guy, he’s got a lovely family, and he’s got leukemia. A bone marrow transplant could save his life. But so far, no-one on the bone marrow registers is a match for him. Registering is a matter of a cheek swab. Actual donating, should you be a […]