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The Edible Omer Counter returns. Updated for 2010!

Back by popular demand, the Edible Omer Counter. Notable for being the only omer counter that gives you motivation to see the Omer right the way through, this one’s got chocolate. You will need: kosher-for-Pesach choccies, tissue paper, yarn, scissors, pen.* Cut squares of tissue paper. I used purple over white here (these pictures are […]

JOFA conference – on writing. Part 2

Session blurb: If one writes a sefer Torah, say the Sages, it is as if he had himself received it on Mount Sinai. How can the simple act of writing take someone to such heights? By transcribing small amounts of text, we will explore how writing Torah can be experientially very different from reading or […]

JOFA conference – on writing. Part 1

Fun times at JOFA yesterday. That’s the intermittently-annual conference of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, for those not au fait with Modern Orthodox slang. I admit I was rather surprised when they asked me to present, given that I don’t identify as Orthodox, but I said as much and they were still interested, so I […]

Further to the conversation we’re having about Jewish education, rabbis, etc

(This conversation. The one about Rabbi Barbie.) A question about tzitzit I get a question in my inbox. Hi, Jen. I have a question and I have been told that you might know the answer. I am wondering if there are any rules about what to do with old tzitzit (arbah canfot). I want to […]

Soferet at play

Why, what would you do if you found a mangled laptop in the garbage room?

Guestblogging at JWA – crosspost

“You know Barbie’s getting a new job,” says my friend Mimi to me. “People can vote for her new career.” I put tefillin on a Mattel Barbie doll in 2006, unwittingly creating the Jewish icon now known as Tefillin Barbie. Tefillin Barbie has a frum-girl denim skirt, a T-shirt, the tallit and tefillin more generally […]